Donnerstag, 27. März 2008

Spielraum Andre Miller feat Taisia

Chaos Net 007 - Spielraum Andre Miller feat Taisia

Unser nächstes Release steht in den Startlöchern und bringt reichlich Abwechslung in unser noch junges Label.

Spielraum Andre Miller überzeugt mit viel Sinn für Feinheiten im Gesamtkonzept seiner Stücke. Mit an Board befindet sich Taisia Salomacha die durch ihre bezaubernde Stimme dem Track "Not Time" eine besondere Farbe verleiht.

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Mittwoch, 17. Oktober 2007

Auflegware 011

Auflegware presents the last Part of the Birthday Series ( the blue )

Various Artists # level_eins.3

We are happy now to say "level complete" , because today we finish our first anniversary with the last part of level_eins. On this five-track-EP we are starting with very drifting minimal -electro Sound from the well-known "allstars" Norman Creed and Elektrodrei . The third track with a groovy bassline provides "Insel auf Ton". It is dedicated to a street at the german City Jena ( Home of Wighnomy Bros ). Finally we are presenting two auflegware newcomer. Zwotackter with "Miss Vegas" and Geoff Bell with a little bit french deepness. Check it out!

And now we are waiting for the next Level ...


1.Norman Creed - Treibgas
2.Elektrodrei - Dripping Cave
3.Insel auf Ton - Muehlenstrasse
4.Zwotacker - Miss Vegas
5.Geoff Bell - at Councunil

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Freitag, 5. Oktober 2007

DREE - Oswind Ltd. 3

Chicago is back with two amazing jacking and pumpin tunes on the third Ostwind limited release. >I can even remember<>EEN<>Earbeat<. Here he teams up with production partner Tom Hoax and delivers a destroying electro peaktime weapon themed old school is cool !!

Elektrodrei - Vogelflug EP (OW12)

Elektrodrei (Datapunk, R3cords, Auflegware) with their Maxi Debut on Ostwind. Three electrofied techhouse tracks in a perfect mixture of coolness & harmony, really fresh produced. >Enotype<>Flat Beat<>Dimensional Shift<>Trancized< comes more hypnotical with his destroying synths and completes this solid Debut

Donnerstag, 13. September 2007

Auflegware 009 , Various Artists # level_eins.1 EP

Various Artists # level_eins.1

A year ago, the netlabel Auflegware was founded. On this occasion we will publish the first of three various artists EP´s including known Auflegware artists, but also interesting new names. level_eins.1 is the first escapade and show more likely a taste of minimal, but proffers a little bit more than known sounds. Artists such as Einzahlpflege or Time-Stretcher gives their debuts at Auflegware and don’t forget, of course label-head Mathis Johnsen himself and the avowed Norman Creed from Auflegware. An advice is maybe the secret song “Holunderblüte” by newcomer Audioholic from Auflegware. Altogether is this a beautiful performance by the “Weimar & Hamburger” Label.

We are allowed to be waiting for the next EP level_eins.2


01 | Mathis Johnsen # der Regen hat auch sein gutes [7:23]
02 | Einzahlpflege # suembiossis [7:35]
03 | Audioholic # Holunderblüte [5:37]
04 | Norman Creed # senses [5:38]
05 | Timestretcher # Krök [6:52]

Releasedate : 13.09.2007


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Freitag, 24. August 2007

Mirko Aurich # Milchpause EP (Auflegware 008)

"Mit der Milchpause EP gibt nun Mirko Aurich aus Schwerin sein Debuet bei Man nehme treibend groovige Kick-Bassline Konstruktionen, dazu eine gehörige Portion "Deepness" und fertig ist die Milchpause. Besonders der Titeltrack konnte uns mit seiner groovigen Art überzeugen, aber auch die weiteren 3 Tracks laden zu einer Reise in Vergangenheit, Gegenwart und Zukunft des Tech-House ein. Also holt euch ein Glas Milch, lehnt euch zurück und genießt dieses Stück Elektronische Klangkunst ."


01 | Bugrace [8:51]
02 | Milchpause [5:42]
03 | einspunktnull [6:49]
04 | drauf und dran [5:04]

Releasedate : 23.08.2007

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Dienstag, 14. August 2007

The Tuss - Rush Up Edge

‘Rushup Edge’ is the debut album of new Rephlex artists, “The Tuss”, a dynamic duo discovered via intensive MySpace exploration by the A&R department. Apparently touted by Planet Mu, XL Recordings, Record Makers and Ninjatune all at the same time, they eventually decided to sign with Rephlex for reasons of principle. The label is very excited to find an act with this degree of promise and hope to be releasing even more work soon.

The Tuss’ official line seems inspired by the time FFRR signed Chicago house legend Lil Louis’ smash hit “French Kiss”, even though they had no information about him at all at the time! The Tuss offers little biographical info, preferring to concentrate on the musical merits, which they describe as ‘Braindance’. Rephlex don’t really mind too much but hope to acquire some photographic evidence soon – watch this space!